Avionics and Autopilot

Every pilot loves horsepower. The classic design of the Glasair 1 FT (fixed tricycle) means you can get a lot of performance from a moderate amount of horsepower

N428DM has a 150 horsepower Lycoming O-320-E2C engine with a Hartzell HC-F2YL-1BF/7663-D4 constant speed propeller. In cruise, the Glasair flies at roughly 165KTAS while consuming about 8.5 gallons per hour of 100LL aviation fuel

1995 Glasair 1FT N428DM

Engine, Propeller and Performance

Every aircraft owner has a budget. Some are large, some are small. Some are non-existent. I have attempted to bring as much functionality to the cockpit as I can, without breaking the bank

N428DM has a Garmin GNC420, Apollo SL10MS, GRT Mini-AP and GRT SportEX both with synthetic vision, uAvionix echoUAT/skyFX ADSB in/out with Wifi, King KT76C transponder, a Trio EZ-Pilot autopilot with a Trio EZ-3 for altitude hold

Interior and Exterior

Every owner wants to feel a sense of pride when other pilots and non-pilots alike see their aircraft. I am no different. Spending money on aesthetics matters - but so does comfort

N428DM is sporting a brand new leather seats that are custom made memory foam cores from Oregon Aero. I will make some new side panels and baggage covers soon!