I have always been interested in the mysterious, the unknown, and the supernatural. The rare times when mundane “reality” overlaps with the uncanny is of great interest to me, and this fascination naturally surfaces in my artwork.

My recent paintings and drawings are essentially my philosophical musings rendered visually. I constantly ponder humanity and its foibles, and while I can rarely offer solutions to our problems, I do like to point them out through metaphorical images. I enjoy creating whimsical narratives, where reality and irreality blur. When a recognizable, even commonplace object is taken out of context, or depicted in an unusual situation, a puzzle develops. I think a realist rendering mode and traditional technique creates an inherent believability and invites a viewer into a story.

Although I like to think there is a serious underlying theme to my works, I try not to develop a rigid story or message- each viewer is allowed room to interact with the image. I find a great deal of enjoyment manipulating the implied narratives as I work on the images, and I find interpretation shifting in pleasant ways from start to finish.

Many of my recent works are produced using renaissance era media- silverpoint drawing and egg tempera. I enjoy the technical challenge of these methods, along with the clarity of mark typically associated with them.

My hope is that my images can be enjoyed on numerous levels- technically, formally, and intellectually.